Chapter 1198 - Selena (END)

Every doctor who had come out of Selena's ward would mumble in bewilderment about how she had made it through the operation and recovered so quickly.

Of course, for humans, Selena's recovery seemed very fast as compared to normal humans, even though the girl had a low recovery rate among the shifters.

It was just, Xander didn't care about that at all, he looked a lot quieter than before, but that didn't mean he didn't pay attention to Selena.

The man was always there for the girl. He would always be the first to be there when Selena needed something, because she didn't want him to call her parents.

Selena insisted that they didn't need to call her parents, because it was unnecessary, she had healed and could go home now.

Only, Xander insisted that he wouldn't bring her out of the hospital until her wound was completely healed.


"They'll suspect that I'm not human, that would be much more dangerous," Selena hissed angrily at Xander because the man didn't want to hear what she had to say.

"Just let them get suspicious. They don't have any evidence." Xander didn't want Selena to go home in a still unhealed state, so he stubbornly wanted the best treatment for the girl.

"Xander, don't you know about hunting non-human beings all those years ago?" And Selena started her long chatter about it.

So long and persistent that it made Xander change his mind and understand how dangerous it was for them to see Selena recover so quickly and be suspicious of her.

Hadn't it been said before that Selena always got whatever she wanted? She could get it in various ways, even if it was by force.

After the long debate, Xander finally relented and agreed to take Selena home, and out of the hospital.But on one condition.


"You have to stay at my house." Xander was tidying up Selena's clothes, while the girl sat on the edge of the bed enjoying the fruit Xander had peeled for her, swaying her legs happily.

Hearing this, Selena raised her head and nodded in agreement quickly. "Okay," she replied casually.

However, when Xander heard that answer, he turned around and frowned.

"I thought you wouldn't agree so soon."

Selena laughed when she heard that and jumped off the bed which made Xander growl in annoyance that she wasn't being careful. "Why should I disagree? I'm going to spend my whole life with you, so what's the harm in staying with you now?"

Selena then hugged Xander's body from behind, making the tickling sensation run over their skin again.

It was a pleasant feeling they would not get from anyone else.

But, that wasn't the only thing that brought Xander together with Selena. He chose her because she really made him feel comfortable.

Xander felt safe with himself when he could control his emotions, because only by being able to control his own emotions, Xander would be able to control his powers.

And with Selena, he felt he could control it all. This girl gave him the strength to do just that.

And that was exactly what Xander needed.

Of course he loved this girl… his anger and the calamity that ensued were testament to all of that.

If not for Selena stopping him, Xander had no idea how many people would have died at his hands if he couldn't stop on his own. That would be a terrible thing…

"You may meet bad people who want to take advantage of your kindness." Xander turned around and hugged Selena tightly, kissing the top of her head. "If I were a murderer, then you'd be in trouble."

Selina laughed. "The moon goddess wouldn't be that cruel to me. I am a sweet and kind girl, so it is certain that I will find a mate who has thoughts that are a mirror image of mine." Then Selena added before Xander could cut her off. "And even if you are a serial killer, I'll help you come up with a plan to hide the bodies."Xander narrowed his eyes. "You are crazy. You wouldn't do that." Selena laughed again and Xander liked her cheerful laugh.

"Of course not, because you are my warm man and not a serial killer."


"You never told me you lived in a house this big," Selena said in a voice that sounded like a whisper when she saw how big and grand the house Xander was living in.

There were several maids helping Selena to carry her things to the third floor, where Xander's room was located.

But, after that, they were nowhere to be seen. Apparently, Xander really liked his solitude and the servants knew that, so they only appeared when needed.

"Then, whose apartment have you been living in all this time?" Selena turned around to look at Xander and she found the man was closing the door to his room after the maids had left.

Only, at this point, Selena was completely unaware of what was waiting for her after they were alone in Xander's room.

"This house is too big for me to live in alone," Xander said in a calm voice, but his eyes stared at Selena with hunger.

"You live here alone?" Selena now felt she didn't know much about her mate. Because Xander was so secretive, she found it difficult to know what kind of life this man was actually leading and Selena felt asking about his family background was a very personal thing.

And that was when, Xander told a short story about his parents who died and left all this property to him, and since he wasn't very interested in all of this, he let his uncle manage everything for him.

"No one knows about this, except you." Xander then hugged Selena and rested his chin on her shoulder, tracing her jaw and making her close her eyes.

"So I'm the first girl you brought into this house?" Selena asked, her voice shaking, as Xander kissed the top of her ear and bit her earlobe.magic

"And will be the only one," Xander said, whispering into Selena's ear, before he went back down the girl's jaw and found her lips.

Selena's lips were sweet and soft, making Xander feel that none of this was enough. He wanted more. He wanted Selena just for him. He wanted the girl completely.

Xander then stopped kissing and looked at Selena deeply. He loved this girl. "Will you mark me?"


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