Chapter 1063: Pea, Let’s Go Pick Up Mom (End)

Su Cha raised her eyebrows when she heard that she had really won the award.

The camera fell on her. She looked surprised, obviously not expecting it.

Then, she stood up and became graceful. Although she was surprised, she did not forget herself.

Mu Jiao was more excited than her. As the camera shone on Su Cha, she could not help but hug her. The corner of Su Cha’s lips curled up. Considering that Bo Muyi might also be watching TV, she did not want to hug Shao Tianwen and Mu Jiandong.

There were congratulations all around. The female celebrities who did not win the award also expected it. When the camera was directed at them, their smiles were sincere, and no one’s expression was ugly.


The leading lady smiled happily.

The group of veteran actors around also nodded with certainty. It was obvious that they were not surprised that Su Cha had won the award and agreed with it.

The host asked Su Cha to go on stage. Su Cha composed herself and walked up, holding the hem of her dress. She walked gracefully to the microphone and accepted the best female lead award.

She raised the trophy and the venue fell silent. The spotlight shone on her. She looked noble and elegant, making everything seem natural.

In front of the television station and the live broadcast, Su Cha’s fans could not help but scream in excitement. Some passersby were also shocked.

It would probably be lively after the award.


At that moment, this girl who was only 21 or 22 was the center of attention.

Ever since she entered the industry, her legend seemed to have started.

And now, she had reached the peak the moment she became the Best Actress of the Golden River Awards.

“Well, first of all, I’m actually a little surprised to have received this award.”

She spoke directly, but it made people feel comfortable naturally. “I know I’m very young, and I’m ready to continue practicing. I didn’t expect that my first movie would be able to gain the approval of the judges. This is a great honor for me. I also thank every staff member who was at the front and back of the movie, ‘He Chun.’ I thank them for their dedication. I also thank the director for his guidance. I thank every staff member who helped me during the production.”

As the sound of her voice spread to every corner of the room, the smiles on everyone’s faces became wider.

At least, she thanked everyone sincerely this time.

In front of the television, Pea saw his mother and began to hum crazily. He was very happy and kept moving his body. It was as if he knew that his mother had won an amazing award. He was also extremely happy.

Bo Muyi curled his lips and looked at the radiant girl on the stage. Although she looked like she was the center of attention, she belonged only to him.

At the end of the speech, Su Cha suddenly looked at the camera and blinked playfully. “Lastly, I must thank the two most important people in my life. Hubby, Pea, I love you!”

The netizens started commenting.

[It’s too much to be fed dog food!!]

[Wow, they are showing off their affection even after winning an award. This is too much!!]

[Wife, Pea, I love you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

[Su Cha’s child is my child. I love you too!!]

[I am Su Cha’s husband. She loves me!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!]

She smiled and left the stage with the award.

In front of the television, Bo Muyi smiled happily and whispered, “I love you too, wifey.”

Then, he kissed Pea and said gently, “Let’s go, Pea. Let’s pick Mommy up.”

They would be happy forever.

(End of Book)