Chapter 1: Reborn To The First Lifetime  

Su Cha had a severe headache.

To be exact, she was painful in all parts especially her body. She felt as though she was floating in the vast ocean, drifting along with the flow while experiencing the rise and fall of the tide. Besides, she also sensed a deep sense of helplessness and trepidation for not being able to get a hold of any driftwood.

She tried her best to open her eyes, and that feeling was increasingly obvious as if a blaze of fire was burning all parts of her body, not only causing her pain but had also brought about a strange feeling in her.

She was caught off guard by the sight of a pair of deep eyes which was similar to a starry sky over the sea.

The pair of eyes resembled the night sky, however, reflected within it was a bright moon which was hanging high in the sky.


She could recognize the pair of eyes very well. It was so familiar to the point that she could remember it for good.

She was startled, so much so that she neglected how her body felt.

“Bo Muyi...?”

The man stood still.

He stopped his movements and soon after, his eyes darkened. He then used both his palms to cover Su Cha’s eyes.

She heard his deep, magnetic voice, saying, “I’m not...”


He definitely was that person.

Su Cha thought she had gone crazy to be able to meet someone she had witnessed dying before her in her previous lifetime.

But soon, she could feel a weird sensation bothering her again. At this moment, she came to a realization of what both of them were doing.

Why was the scene of her re-encountering with Bo Muyi as such?

In a daze, Su Cha started to feel the burning sensation engulfing her once more...

When Su Cha was awake, she found that her surroundings were empty.

Before opening her eyes, she heaved a soft sigh. It has been a long time since I last dreamt, never have I thought that I would dream of someone I feel guilty for all this while.

She lifted her hands out of habit. “Help me up...”

Her voice came to a halt as she opened her eyes.

She was not sleeping on the usual exquisite huge wooden bed with floral sculpture. Moreover, on the top, the decoration was not a layer of falling silk adorned with tassels. Instead, it was merely an ordinary white ceiling with a modernized ceiling fan hanging on it.

She had not seen such a scene for decades.

Su Cha sat up hastily. Due to her abrupt movement, she felt as though the nerve in her brain was triggered, causing her to feel a sudden excruciating pain.

After the discomfort feeling alleviated, she observed her surroundings carefully. Her body quivered all of a sudden, causing her to pinch herself hard.


Intensely painful!

This is not a dream!

This was not her luxurious palace, but solely a tiny house she used to live in.

The place she resided in her previous lifetime.

As the memory was engraved in her mind, she could tell at a glance what these familiar yet strange home appliances were.

Why am I back again?

Su Cha was a little baffled. She wanted to get off the bed, hence she removed the blanket. As she was about to move her legs, she suffered from discomfort in her legs.

She lowered her head to have a look, realizing that she was clad in her undergarments. However, the uneasy feeling was undeniable, which was weird...

She suddenly thought of her dream, the dream she had last night.

At that instant, Su Cha realized something. Her heart was pounding fast and vigorously as though it was about to leave her chest to the throat.

This feeling was way too familiar.

Could it be that she had returned to the first lifetime?

“Click, clack...”

Out of the blue, the sound of a door unlocking emitted from outside. As the small house was not soundproof, she could hear almost anything clearly.

It was coupled with the fact that she had been practicing martial arts, hence she was equipped with strong senses.

This doesn’t seem right!

Su Cha squinted. She knew better than anyone else that her physical attribute was not as good as she was now in her first lifetime. However, everything in front of her was too true to be merely a dream. Even before getting a clear picture of the situation, once she heard the sound, she tried to ignore her current body condition and left the bed. As fast as lightning, she put on a white cheongsam she found at the bedside, not knowing when it was placed there.