Chapter 442: Grand FinaleBefore this, Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi had never made a move against the Heavenly Court. However, this time, the Heavenly Court’s actions had touched upon the reverse scale of Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi!

Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi made changes.

Regardless of whether it was the Western Church or the Heavenly Court, they had both become enemies.

After obtaining the Chaos Bell, Lu Ping directly gave the Nine Dragons Pendant to Huang Xiaoqi.

This also caused the two’s strength to increase greatly.

Next, Lu Ping found a planet and relocated the Seven Phoenixes sect. He also released Huang Shiliu. In the following period of time, Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi brought Huang Shiliu along and they jointly began to hunt down the Western Church and the Heavenly Court experts in an attempt to seize the Primal Purple QI.

The two each held powerful numinous treasures, and their combat strength was extremely powerful.


Lu Ping also had the help of the system, and he killed the experts of both sides many times.

Several hundred years later, he advanced to the quasi-saint realm as well.

Huang Shiliu’s strength had also reached the Diamond Immortal stage.

After Lu Ping advanced to the quasi-saint realm, he once again sensed the position of the Pangu Axe.

The appearance of the Pangu Axe shocked the world.

All the saints appeared and wanted to snatch the Pangu Axe, but only Tongtian could not bear to attack. At this moment, Hong Jun appeared and bluntly said that all the saints could not attack during the great calamity. If they wanted to snatch it, they would have to wait until after the great calamity!


This bought Lu Ping a lot of time, but it also made him the target of everyone.

Although all the saints could not take action, the Heavenly Court and the Western Church reached a consensus to kill Lu Ping together!

As a result, Lu Ping became a thorn in everyone’s flesh.

Together with Huang Xiaoqi, they started a long battle.

During this process, Lu Ping’s disciples also grew up one by one.

Their growth also meant that Lu Ping had obtained more system rewards.

Lu Ping’s combat strength was also increasing.

He even had many connate numinous treasure given by the system.

A group of disciples also began to participate in the great calamity.

In the battle, some people grew up, while others died.

The Heavenly Court and the Western Church also had many internal conflicts and each had their own thoughts.

Tongtian also secretly hinted to his disciples that they would not be enemies with Lu Ping.

Therefore, Yun Xiao and the others began to obey the Jade Emperor only on the surface. During this process, they joined hands with Lu Ping and set up an ambush. With the power of the Pangu Axe and other numinous treasures, they killed the Shao Deng and seized the Three Relics in his hand.

After Shao Deng died, the Western Church became even more crazy.

And during this, Sun Wukong and Old Bull also began to contact Lu Ping.

Gradually, Lu Ping formed his own small circle.

After that, Lu Ping became stronger and killed many experts consecutively. The Primal Purple Qi in his body increased further.

Then, Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi began to use the top floor of the Seven Phoenixes sect’s Scripture Pavilion to comprehend the Dao many times, and their cultivation increased further.

Finally, under the circumstances that the two of them could control, they became saints at the same time.

After becoming saints, the other saints finally had a chance to make a move!

Among them, Nuwa didn’t make a move because she knew that she had no hope of snatching the Pangu Axe.

Yuan Shi, Tai Yi, Zhun Ti, and the other four saints joined forces to attack Lu Ping and Huang Xiaoqi.

At the critical moment, Tongtian made a move, and the three saints fought the other four saints!

With the Pangu Axe in his hand, Chaos Bell, and the four Immortal Slaying swords, they fought the four of them to a draw.

At this moment, Hong Jun reappeared!

He told everyone that if the saints wanted to break through their current realm, they needed to merge their bodies with the Dao and control the laws of the universe.

Now that the main universe had expanded to its limit, it was time for the balanced universe to be born.

The balanced universe was the twin universe of the main universe, and it was on the same level as the main universe.

And if these saints wanted to break through their current realm, they needed to control the balanced universe, fight with each other, seize the fates, and devour each other.

Among all the saints, only one could become the Dao ancestor who controlled the world.

That was equivalent to Hong Jun’s strength.

With these words, the original alliance collapsed once again.

All the saints had thoughts.

Huang Xiaoqi clearly expressed that she gave up and wanted to help Lu Ping.

However, at this time, Hong Jun said that the saints who gave up would still have to stay in the main universe until the birth of the balanced universe. Only then could they go back and forth freely.

A new chapter opened up once again.

Lu Ping chose to establish his own universe without hesitation and fought against the saints.

At first, Lu Ping could only take the defensive position. Then, after countless years of fighting, Lu Ping began to rely on the system to gradually strengthen the strength of his own universe.

A disciple began to show his talent.

Gradually, he became enemies with the Saints’ disciples in the various universes.

Lu Ping’s strength also became stronger and stronger. In the end, he was the first to receive the disciples at an extremely fast speed! Then, he defeated Zhun Ti.

During this, Tongtian also displayed his strong teaching ability and combat strength. He first defeated Yuan Shi, then defeated Tai Yi.

In the end, Lu Ping started a fight with Tongtian.

Against Tongtian, unexpectedly, Lu Ping chose to give up.

The reason why he joined was to protect himself, and the reason why he joined was to increase his strength.

However, Lu Ping was still very grateful to Tongtian for helping him several times at critical moments.

Therefore, he simply brought the land back to the main universe and allowed Tongtian to become the second Dao ancestor.

In fact, during this process, Lu Ping also sensed that the path Hong Jun had pointed out might not be the right one.

This was also one of the reasons why he had deliberately allowed it to happen.

Then, after countless years, Lu Ping finally broke through again.

Finally, he broke through again and walked on a completely different path from Hong Jun.

After breaking through, Lu Ping and Hong Jun started a huge battle outside of the universe.

Lu Ping’s combat strength was extremely powerful. He fought against two people by himself and was not at a disadvantage at all.

From then on, Lu Ping completely transcended.

He found a planet together with Huang Shiliu and Huang Xiaoqi and started to enjoy life and continue cultivating.

After Huang Shiliu grew up, her appearance was also extremely beautiful. Unexpectedly, Huang Shiliu actually confessed to Lu Ping.

After countless arguments with Huang Xiaoqi and countless years of pushing and pulling, in the end, Huang Xiaoqi also gave in and took the initiative to persuade Lu Ping. Seeing that Huang Xiaoqi was like this, Lu Ping was also helpless. In the end, he led a shameless life with the two of them.

The end!