Chapter 1: 146 RejectionsThe location is Phoenix, at the recent Cultivators’ Recruitment Fair.

“I’m sorry, but you don’t meet our requirements.”

A woman returned the resume to Lu Ping with a smile.

Lu Ping took it calmly and left.

This was the 146th time he had been rejected.

The reason why it was so difficult was very simple. He was hoping for a job that he was not qualified for, which was to be a mentor of immortal cultivation!

This era was a time where technology and the civilization of immortal cultivation coexisted. The two complemented each other.


The cultivation and the advancement of technology promoted each other’s development. Immortal cultivation was the foundation, and technology was the assistant and it had created this era of interstellar cultivation.

Lu Ping was just an ordinary member of the populace. Of course, he had his own secrets. He was a time traveler. Moreover, Lu Ping had awakened the system when he was fourteen years old.

He had awakened the Super Tutor system.

Lu Ping’s first mission was as follows: “Teach in an officially recognized school or sect. Become an honorable tutor for immortal cultivation and activate the system.”

However, this mission had stalled Lu Ping for ten years! And from the looks of how things were going, it might even continue to be stalled some more.

In this era of immortal cultivation, the cultivation model had already undergone a change.


As long as one had enough resources, they could greatly reduce the cultivation time and quickly increase their cultivation rank.

However, it wasn’t that easy to obtain cultivation resources.

Lu Ping was twenty-four years old this year and had just reached the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage.

It was also because he had broken through to the Foundation Establishment stage that he was able to graduate from Binhai City’s Cultivation Academy.

It was a cultivation university ranked 8666th on the entire planet.

Most of the time, other than doing odd jobs for others, he didn’t have anything else to do. There were too many cultivators.

And the cultivation instructor positions that Lu Ping applied for could only start from some cultivation elementary schools.

After all, no matter how high-level a school was, he still needed a job.

But even if the recruitment announcements stated that candidates only needed to be at the Foundation Establishment stage or above… It would still be very difficult for a ninth-rate university graduate at the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage to be noticed by others.

In two days, he had already been rejected 146 times…

Lu Ping was somewhat in despair.

In this world, when cultivators went to school, they weren’t classed by age. Most of them were classed by their level of cultivation.

The first to third level of the Qi Cultivation stage was primary school, the third to sixth level was middle school, and the sixth to ninth level was university. After breaking through to the Foundation Establishment stage, one would graduate from university.

After that, of course, there would be higher levels of further education. However, Lu Ping knew that his family could no longer allow him to go to higher-level institutions for further education.

However, Lu Ping had no other choice. His parents’ cultivation level was very low, and both of them were only in the Qi Cultivation stage. They could only provide Lu Ping with very little help.

Lu Ping’s cultivation resources was something that he had saved up with all his might. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to reach the average level.

It could even be said that based on the resources that he had used up, Lu Ping’s aptitude wasn’t bad. But even if his aptitude was good, who would be willing to give him cultivation resources for no reason?

At the job fair, Lu Ping, a 24-year-old university graduate, was just ordinary. He was neither smart nor stupid, and his normal job was fine. However, a relatively good position like an Immortal Cultivation Tutor wasn’t something that he could get.

Lu Ping, who had just been rejected, had a calm expression on his face.

He had relied on himself all the way here. He had sampled the taste of failure countless times. As long as there was an opportunity, he still wanted to give it a try.

Suddenly, Lu Ping’s phone rang.

He took out his phone and looked. It was his sister, Lu Yu.

“Bro!” The call was picked up, and his sister’s voice came from the other end.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Ping asked lightly.

Lu Yu was silent for a moment and said in a low voice, “Lu Ping, I. . . I’m stuck at Qi Disciple level three. I want to buy a bottle of cultivation fluid to try and break through, but I don’t have enough money on hand. Can you help me?”

Lu Ping gripped his phone tightly before he asked softly, “How much more money do you need?”

“500 star dollars.”

Hearing this number, Lu Ping heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, he still had enough money on hand.

“Alright, I’ll transfer it to you later. Focus on your cultivation. If you don’t have enough money, tell me,” Lu Ping instructed.

He would not tell Lu Yu how difficult it was for him.

After receiving Lu Ping’s affirmative answer, Lu Yu’s tone suddenly became much more relaxed. “Thank you!”

After hanging up, Lu Ping looked at his balance. He had 654 star dollars left.

Star dollars were the currency of this world.

No matter what kind of resources were traded between cultivators, they could all be paid for with star dollars.

Of course, this was only in theory. Some rare resources had to be paid for in different ways.

The purchasing power of star dollars was astonishing. With 154 star dollars left, it was enough for Lu Ping to live frugally for a month.

Lu Ping transferred the star dollars to Lu Yu.

He would never forget that when his tuition fees were not enough, his mother would lead Lu Yu to collect wheat for others on cold days to help him save up for his tuition fees.

He would never forget the joy in Lu Yu’s eyes and her flushed face as she handed the money over to him with her cold little hands.

“Maybe I have to find another job first.” This thought appeared in Lu Ping’s mind.

No matter what, the most important thing was to live and no matter what, he was a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

As long as he was willing to work, he wouldn’t have to worry about a job.

Suddenly, a message came.

“Hubby, how’s the recruitment going?”

Seeing this message, a happy smile appeared on Lu Ping’s face.

In this world, there were not many things that could make him happy.

Other than the increase in his cultivation level, meeting this girl made him the happiest he could be.

He quickly replied, “It’s a bit difficult. These guys aren’t willing to hire me at all. My school is too lousy. It’s impossible for me to become an immortal cultivation teacher! During these two days, I’ve already been rejected by 146 primary schools. It looks like I have to find a normal job first. But that’s it for today. It’s raining outside. We’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

He replied to the message.

He felt much more relaxed.

He had met this girl online.He did not know the girl’s name nor where she came from. The two of them started off playing a small game.Later on, they gradually became an online couple.

This online relationship had been going on for seven years now.

In fact, when he was a teenager, Lu Ping had longed for love.

However, the girls all saw that his family background was poor and his cultivation level was average. Even if he was good-looking, how could they take a fancy to him?

And this girl, who he only knew by her online name, had been accompanying him for seven years.

During this period, the girl took the initiative to offer to meet him, but Lu Ping refused.

He calmly gave the girl a general introduction of his situation, but he deliberately hid his personal information. In Lu Ping’s opinion, he was not qualified to give this girl happiness.

He made it very clear to the girl that for the time being, the two of them could only communicate via the internet.

It was not too late to wait until his cultivation had improved a little and he had the ability to give the girl a better life.

At this time, in the tallest building on Fengming Planet, a girl was sitting on the sofa. Her facial features were extremely beautiful.

She was wearing a long red dress and her long, wine-red hair draped over her shoulders. She had a regal air about her.

“Men, go and check for me. Go to a rainy city in Fengming Planet. I want to find a man who has been rejected 146 times by job recruiters within two days!”

Lu Ping would never have thought that a casual sentence would reveal his location.