Chapter 879  : The Book of Seven Calamities, Sage Slaying Power! (1)

“This weapon is indeed worthy of the name Book of Dharma’!”

Dragon and the others looked at the ancient bronze book in the void that was filled with killing intent that seemed to pierce through the Heaven and Earth and exclaimed deeply.

They did not expect the book-type weapon that Chu Zhou had refined to be so mysterious. Every page recorded and contained the various Profounds of a law or ultimate technique.

They could already imagine how terrifying it would be when every page of the Book of Dharma erupted with power.

All kinds of nomological laws and ultimate technique attacks would directly drown the enemy.

This “Book of Dharma” was not only a Universe Nobility level weapon. It was probably much more powerful than weapons of the same level.


Chu Zhou was also very satisfied with the Book of Dharma he had refined.

He was originally an Advance Grade Universe Lord with the Book of Dharma.

Unexpectedly, the Book of Dharma gave him a surprise. It had actually reached the level of elementary Universe Nobility weapons.

However, this was actually normal once he thought about it carefully.

Some of the materials used to refine the Book of Dharma were of excellent quality.

Especially the Origin Source Gold and the Origin Divine Wood Fragment. They were enough to refine overlord-level weapons.


Many extremely high-quality materials fused together and forcefully increased the level of the Book of Dharma.

“The Blade of War in my hand is only compatible with the laws of war that I cultivate, but it’s difficult to be compatible with the fire power in my body. Perhaps it’s time for me to forge an exclusive weapon.”

Zuo Yue looked at the Book of Dharma enviously and had the idea of refining her own exclusive weapons.

Bing Selin and Xi Liujin also had the idea of refining exclusive weapons.

Only exclusive weapons could maximize their power.

A good exclusive weapon could grow with them.

Dragon, Sol, and Changa Saha did not have such thoughts.

Their biggest goal now was to become Universe Lords.

They had the Spacetime Treasure Box, so there was no need to consider refining exclusive weapons.

“The Book of Dharma has been refined. It’s time to leave the Myriad Star Archipelago and continue heading to the Demon Mountain Continent.”

Chu Zhou and the others left the Divine Kingdom and found Emperor Canglan. They thanked her for her help during this period of time and bade her farewell.

King Canglan was already mentally prepared for Chu Zhou and the others to say goodbye.

Chu Zhou and the others were in the Universe Ocean to train. It was impossible for them to stay in the Myriad Star Archipelago forever.

“Do you know that your current situation is actually very dangerous?”

King Canglan said meaningfully to Chu Zhou and the others.

“1 know. The Zerg race, the Machinery race, the Mana race, the Crystal Race, the Origin Race, and the other five races are all chasing after us.” Sol said.

“There’s also my teacher’s former enemy and the faction behind the creatures I killed in the Divine General Ancient City and the Demon World.”

Chu Zhou added, “If 1 expose that 1 have grasped the Law of Reincarnation in the Demon World, it will probably attract a lot of trouble.”

“Also, Beibei has mastered the Spacetime Law. It will probably attract covetous eyes.”

“Looks like you still know your situation, Chu Zhou.” Emperor Canglan nodded seriously and said, “That’s right. There are too many people who want to find trouble with you now.”

“Other than the five pinnacle races, King Bei Gang’s enemies back then, and your own enemies in Universe Ocean, there are many factions and experts who covet the A’ divine rune, the Law of Reincarnation, and the Spacetime Law. They will also attack you.”

“Therefore, it’s not an exaggeration to say that your current situation is filled with enemies.”

“The Myriad Star Archipelago is my master’s territory. The various large factions and experts did not attack you on my master’s account.”

“But once you leave the Myriad Star Archipelago, it’s hard to say.”

“Even so, we still have to leave the Myriad Star Archipelago!” Chu Zhou’s expression was calm. He had long considered this situation.

It was nothing more than dealing with whatever came their way.

Dragon and the others nodded in agreement.

When King Canglan saw the calm expressions of Chu Zhou and the others, a trace of admiration flashed across his eyes.

Since he had come to the Universe Ocean to train, he should not be afraid of death.

In the Universe Ocean, if one was still afraid of death, there was no point in training.

Moreover, sometimes, the more cowardly one was, the faster one would die.

In the face of a predicament, as long as one was brave enough to face it, constantly breaking through one’s limits and increasing one’s strength, one would be able to truly resolve the predicament.

Basically, all the great figures who had risen in Universe Ocean had relied on their strength to forcefully carve out a bloody path in Universe Ocean.

The former Emperor Xi was like this.

It was the same for the Martial Progenitor.

The Great Heaven Demon God was like this in the past.

It was the same for the former King Bei Cang.

Emperor Canglan had no intention of stopping Chu Zhou and the others from leaving. She smiled and took out a rock giant that was more than 300 meters tall.

The rock giant’s eyes were closed, and its entire body was surrounded by a faint layer of gray flames.

Traces of terrifying fluctuations of nomological laws emanated from his body.

The surrounding Void distorted slightly.

“A Universe Nobility?”

Chu Zhou and the others looked at the rock giant with its eyes closed in surprise.

After experiencing the Demon World, they were all very familiar with the nomological fluctuations of the Universe Nobility..