Chapter 1 "Talent" awakens, take off!


   Fifth High School.

   Academic Affairs Office.

   "Chu Zhou, after discussing with the school leaders, your university admission quota has been cancelled, and Jin Zhennan will take the top spot."

  Dean of Academic Affairs, Jin Jingmao, sat on the chair behind the desk, with a blunt tone, and gave Chu Zhou a "notice" with a deadpan face.



   is "notification".

   There is no reason.

  Beside Jin Jingmao, stood a student wearing gold-rimmed glasses, with a faint smile on his mouth.

  He is Jin Zhennan.


  Chu Zhou suddenly stood up from his chair, his handsome face showed an angry look, his eyes were like knives, and he looked directly at Jin Jingmao, the dean of academic affairs.


  Fifth High School, there are only three recommended places for Martial Arts University.

  In the third year of high school this year, there were only three students whose "life field energy" broke through 3 and met the recommendation requirements.

  He is one of the three students.

  The school had already given him a recommended spot.

   Now the Dean of Academic Affairs, Jin Jingmao, suddenly canceled his recommendation quota and was replaced by Jin Zhennan. How could he not be angry?

   This recommended quota is very important.

  It can directly change the destiny of a person's life.

   Entering Martial Arts University, not only can you get better teaching, but you can also get more training resources.

   Even, there is a chance to get a precious gene potion...

  The above are all important factors that allow people to awaken their genes and become a warrior.

   Once you become a warrior, you will reach the sky in one step, and become a master from then on!

  Therefore, Chu Zhou would never allow his recommended quota to be replaced by others.

  Although it is said that in addition to recommended admission, you can also pass the college entrance examination and enter the Martial Arts University.

   But the college entrance examination itself is full of variables.

  Since there is a 100% chance, fools want to take risks.

   "Why? No reason!"

   "Chu Zhou, I'm here to inform you, not to discuss with you, so let's leave it as it is!"

  Dean of Academic Affairs Jin Jingmao looked at Chu Zhou indifferently, not paying attention to Chu Zhou at all.

  Chu Zhou clenched his fists tightly, ready to punch the fat face of Dean Jin Jingmao.

"I disagree!"

   Just as Chu Zhou was about to start, the door of the teaching office was violently pushed open, and a female teacher walked in quickly.

  Long leather boots, hip skirt, short hair, this is a heroic beauty.

  It's a pity that she has a very sharp temperament, showing her sharpness, and the whole person is like a machete. People who meet her eyes seem to have a throat-cut suffocation.

   "Sister Dao!"

  Seeing the person coming, Chu Zhou's eyes lit up.

  "Sister Dao" is his class teacher.

  Dean of Academic Affairs Jin Jingmao, seeing "Sister Dao" approaching unexpectedly, his pupils shrank slightly, and then smiled and said, "Teacher Li Ge!"

  This woman has a mysterious background and seems to come from a big family in the base city of Guangdong, which makes him a little afraid.


  "Sister Dao" slapped her palm on the desk, frowned like a knife, stared at Jin Jingmao coldly, and said:

   "Jin Jingmao, you suddenly asked Jin Zhennan to replace Chu Zhou's recommended spot, is it because Jin Zhennan is your nephew, and you want to cheat for personal gain!"

  "Teacher Li Ge, you can eat indiscriminately, but you can't talk indiscriminately!" Jin Jingmao's face darkened, "As the director of academic affairs, it is my duty to hand over the recommended places to more suitable students."

   "What is more suitable? Tell me!"

  "Sister Dao" raised her eyebrows and said:

   "Although Jin Zhennan is good, but I remember that his "life field energy" has not broken through 3 yet, and Chu Zhou, as early as a few months ago, his "life field energy" has broken through 3."


   Jin Zhennan, who had been standing still, suddenly coughed lightly, focused everyone's eyes on himself, pushed the gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose, and said with a light smile:

   "Teacher, not long ago, my 'Life Field Energy' has broken through 3. Now, I am also a senior apprentice."

  "Sister Dao" heard the words, her eyes froze immediately.

  Chu Zhou also looked at Jin Zhennan, a classmate.

   He knew that things might be troublesome.

   Even if "Sister Dao" wants to help him, I'm afraid she can't solve it.

   "Life field energy" breakthrough 3, this is the sign of advanced apprentices.

  Advanced apprentices meet the conditions for recommendation.

   As a result, Jin Jingmao, the director of academic affairs, chose to send Jin Zhennan with some excuses.

   Sure enough, Jin Jingmao said: "Mr. Li Ge, I respect you. I am very happy that you can consider the students."

   "But please respect my choice!"

   "Jin Zhennan is obviously more suitable than Chu Zhou."

   "Besides... both Chu Zhou and Jin Zhennan are your students. I hope you will not be partial."

   "Hmph, naturally I won't be partial!" "Sister Dao" snorted coldly, "However, even if he enters Jin Zhennan and becomes a senior apprentice, it doesn't mean that he is more suitable than Chu Zhou!"

   "Chu Zhou was promoted to senior apprentice a few months earlier than him!"

   "Of course I have my reasons!" Dean Jin Jingmao said indifferently, looking at Chu Zhou with a little contempt.

   "Chu Zhou and Jin Zhennan are both senior apprentices. But what Chu Zhou is practicing now is the basic breathing method and D-level combat skills that he learned from school for free!"

   "Jin Zhennan not only practiced the C-level breathing method of our Jin family, the Liufeng breathing method, but also practiced several C-level combat skills such as the Shashaquan!"

   "Based on these, I think Kim Jin Nam is more suitable, no problem!"

  "Sister Dao" had cold eyes.

  Jin Jingmao's reason could not convince her.

   "Hmph, whether a person is strong or not depends on his real combat power, not any breathing method or combat skills."

   "I am stronger, or Jin Zhennan is stronger. After one match, it will be clear."magic

  Chu Zhou said coldly, his eyes fixed on Jin Zhennan, his eyes were full of fighting spirit, he wanted to beat Jin Zhennan face to face, and hit Jin Jingmao hard in the face.

  Dean of Academic Affairs Jin Jingmao saw that Chu Zhou hadn't "resigned to his fate", and when his eyes turned cold, he wanted to reprimand Chu Zhou.

   But Jin Zhennan spoke, he pushed his eyes on the center of his eyebrows, and said with a light smile:

   "Chu Zhou, since you want to compete, I'll give you a chance, lest others say I'm bullying."

   "One month later, our top ten high schools in Jiangcheng will hold an elite trial, and all senior apprentices can participate."

   "We will compare who has a higher ranking. Whoever ranks higher will naturally be better. The recommended places will naturally belong to the outstanding ones."

   "Okay! Let's compete in the elite test!" Chu Zhou's eyes flashed.

   Regarding the agreement between Chu Zhou and Jin Zhennan, "Sister Dao" has no objection.

  Dean Jin Jingmao frowned, as if he was dissatisfied with Jin Zhennan for giving Chu Zhou a chance.

  Suddenly, Jin Zhennan approached Chu Zhou, and said in Chu Zhou's ear:

   "Chu Zhou, don't you really think that you have a chance to beat me!"

   "Give you a chance, I just want everyone to see clearly... You, the so-called civilian genius, are actually nothing more than that."

   "You have a great reputation, and I happened to step on you."

   "Really? Then it depends on who steps on whom!" Chu Zhou's eyes flashed a bitter coldness.

   "Since the matter has been settled, then it is so settled!"

  "Sister Dao" gestured to Chu Zhou with her eyes, and led Chu Zhou out of the teaching office.

   "Zhennan, why did you give him a chance? Do you know that this recommendation quota is very important to you and to the family, and there should be no accidents?"

  As soon as Sister Dao and Chu Zhou left, Jin Jingmao blamed Jin Zhennan very dissatisfied.

   "Second Uncle, of course I know the importance of recommended places. But if I don't give him a chance today... Sister Dao, will I just let it go? Everyone in the school knows that she is very optimistic about Chu Zhou."

   "If she makes trouble with the principal, I'm afraid things will be more troublesome."

  Jin Zhennan said with a slightly gloomy face.

   "Damn it, if I didn't care about this woman's background, I would have fired her directly."

  Jin Jingmao suddenly slapped the desk with one hand, his face full of anger.

   "Then why did you set the competition to the elite trial one month later? Why didn't you defeat Chu Zhou on the spot, leaving that woman speechless!"

  Jin Jingmao asked again.

   "It's just for the sake of caution... Chu Zhou, after all, he was promoted to senior apprentice a few months earlier than me."

   "Moreover, he is also a well-known civilian genius in the school, with impressive combat prowess."

   "I have just been promoted to a senior apprentice, and I have not yet mastered a few C-level combat skills."

   "In order to prevent any accidents, I put the competition in the elite trial one month later."

   "With this month's time and the teaching of my third uncle, I can master a few C combat skills."

   "At that time, it will be easy to defeat Chu Zhou!"

  Jin Zhennan spoke cautiously.

   The number of recommended places is indeed very important to him. In order to prevent accidents, he must be more cautious.

   After listening to Jin Zhennan's explanation, Jin Jingmao nodded slightly, as he agreed with Jin Zhennan's approach.


   "I'm still worried."

   "It is too difficult to awaken the gene and become a real warrior."

   "This recommended quota is related to whether you can become a real warrior. It is very important to you and the family, and there must be no accidents."

   "In order to prevent accidents, I still have to find a few people to disable Chu Zhou, so that nothing will go wrong."

   Jin Jingmao exuded a gloomy and cold aura.

  Jin Zhennan heard the words, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he did not object to the decision of his second uncle Jin Jingmao.

   What he wants is to win 100% of the walks.

  If the second uncle can abolish Chu Zhou, Chu Zhou will lose directly... He naturally has no opinion.


  On the tree-lined path of the campus, Sister Dao walked in front, and Chu Zhou walked behind.

   "Chu Zhou, Jin Jingmao's words are harsh, but he is right...Compared with Jin Zhennan, your cultivation resources are too poor."

   "How about it! For the next month, every morning, come to me early, and I will teach you some practical combat skills."

   Sister Dao finished speaking, and left quickly without waiting for Chu Zhou to reply.

  Chu Zhou looked at Sister Dao's disappearing figure, a trace of gratitude flashed in his eyes.

  In these years, if it weren't for Sister Dao's constant guidance, I'm afraid he hasn't been promoted to a senior apprentice yet.

   And this time, there is no doubt that Sister Dao helped him again!

   Otherwise, with the intervention of the Dean of Education, Jin Zhennan, he might be directly replaced by Jin Zhennan for the recommendation spot, and he would not even have a chance to compete.

   "Jin Zhennan, want to take away my recommended spot? It depends on whether you have the ability!"

   Chu Zhou was talking to himself, with murderous intent in his eyes.

  He also felt the pressure in his heart.

  Although Jin Zhennan was promoted to senior apprentice three months later than him...but Jin Zhennan's conditions are much better than him.

  Not only can I learn C-level breathing techniques, but I also learned several C-level combat skills, and even got advice from real warriors.

   Chu Zhou didn't have any of these!

   Obviously, this is a tough battle.

  However, tough battles have to be fought!

   Next, I can only practice desperately.

  It can become a little bit stronger, that’s a little bit.

  Chu Zhou was thinking carefully about the next training plan. Suddenly, a coolness came to his mind, and his eyes dimmed.

  The next moment, a translucent attribute box appeared in front of his eyes.

   At the same time, a lot of information flooded his mind.


  Name: Chu Zhou (senior apprentice, life field energy 3.5)

  Attribute points: 5

  Basic breathing method (Level D): third floor (cannot be improved)

  Curved Hand Knife (Level D): Level 2 - Proficiency (can be improved)


  Looking at this familiar attribute interface, Chu Zhou was slightly taken aback.

   Immediately there was a burst of ecstasy in his heart.

   "It's been 17 years. It's been 17 years since I came to this world. Do you know how I've lived these 17 years?"

   "My golden finger, you are finally here."

   "No, it's not Goldfinger... it's my 'talent', you've finally awakened!"

  Chu Zhou read the information emerging in his mind, with a smile on his face, he is about to take off!

  (end of this chapter)