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Cataclysm Rising [Returnee Hero LitRPG]



A System Apocalypse changes the Earth. A Threat of extermination looms over Humanity. A Hero returns from killing a Demon Lord. “Whoever said being a Returnee Hero is easy was full of shit!” Leonidas Paendrag spent five years in another world to defeat the Demon Lord and his literal armies of Hell, only for the final battle to send him back to Earth unexpectedly. Denied the rest he desperately wanted, Leonidas is instead thrust into a world of emerging fantasy races, warring human factions, and a dysfunctional family more intent on killing each other than the monsters roaming the planet. With royal elven politics, dungeon raids, area bosses, human doomsday cults, rogue US military holdouts, and hostile fantasy races mixing together into a nightmare cocktail of bullshit; Leonidas must use all his accrued knowledge, skill, and experience as the Hero to cultivate, grow stronger, and forge his own place in a post-System Incursion Earth. And in the process, figure out why the System keeps calling him a ‘Cataclysm’ and painting a target on his back.
Latest Chapter: B1 | Chapter 48: Nothing More to Say
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