Chapter 883: You Are Our Hope!

You Yun’s face was filled with scorn and disdain.

With no background or powerful force to support him, Qin Lie was nothing to her, no matter how outstanding his talent and potential were.


Yuan Wenliang frowned and with a lowered voice tried to persuade the demon dragon Barett to change his mind.

Barett shook his head.

Yuan Wenliang sighed inwardly and fell quiet. He stopped trying to change Barett’s mind.


Yuan Shan and Yuan Chuan could only bow their heads and say nothing seeing that Barett wasn’t willing to help Qin Lie.

Surprisingly, Eddie and a few Dark Shadow Race elders flew back down from the cave entrance.

“You Yun! What are you trying to do?” Eddie said angrily.

“Lord Barett, the Dark Shadow Race owes Yao Tian a favor. If anything happens to him then… the contract of alliance between the Dark Shadow Race and the Yuan Family shall be nullified!” Yuria said solemnly.

The moment she said this, the three Yuan Family brothers grew anxious and looked at Barett. They all wanted him to defend Qin Lie.

After she had turned hostile, You Yun stared coldly at Qin Lie and said nothing.


She was waiting for Barett to voice his stance.

You Qianlan, Lin Jie, and a few other Lunar Temple and Serene Moon clansmen quietly descended on the village too.

The sky was about to turn bright.

“You want to protect him no matter what?” Barett cast a sideway glance at Yuria.

Eddie, Yuria, and many other Dark Shadow Race elders nodded strongly.

“What if I don’t want to?” Barett asked again.

“Then we will abolish our contract of alliance with the Yuan Family!” Yuria said loudly.

Qin Lie’s expression turned serious.

The sudden turn of events made him feel that something was off. He thought he knew where the problem lay.

“Do what you want. It’s not like you really wanted to ally with us in the first place. Your alliance with the Yuan Family is but a ploy of yours to buy time.” Barett snorted coldly.

The crowd was astonished.

“Why do you say that?” Eddie asked with a deep look on his face.

“Why? You ask me why?” Barett shook his head and sneered. “If my guess is correct, this Yao Tian had come with the exact purpose of taking you all back to Spirit Realm! Before this, Little Chuan and Little Shan said that Yao Tian had come through the third secret realm entrance. He obviously controls a cross-realm teleportation formation that does not belong to either Lunar Temple or Sun Palace!”

“He even brought a large amount of pure high grade spirit stones with him when he came over. That is why you all managed to regain up to half of your full strength in such a short time!

“As long as you have more time, it won’t take too long before you all recover to your full strength!

“When that happens, even that fellow in your clan will awake from his thousand years’ slumber!

“You are just buying time to recover your strength. Once you do, you’ll use the secret realm entrance he holds and leave Boluo Realm!

“You never planned to use Lunar Temple or Sun Palace’s secret realm entrances. That’s why you dared to turn down their offer or choose to ally with the Yuan Family and us!

“He is obviously human, so he must have a powerful force behind his back!

“This also means that your real ally has been him and not our kin, the Yuan Family from the very beginning!

“Am I correct?”

This old demon dragon was able to force Eddie to admit that Qin Lie had brought over a number of spirit stones to help the Dark Shadow Race recover a portion of their strength just by scanning their current strength alone. Then, he actually managed to guess more or less the Dark Shadow Race and Qin Lie’s intentions through a progressive number of deductions.

Qin Lie, Eddie, Yuria, and many more Dark Shadow Race elders all wore heavy looks on their faces.

They suddenly realized that Barett was incredibly smart. He had figured out most of their plans after just a few lines of conversation.

Barett was certain that they were in cahoots with Qin Lie since a long time ago. He was certain that that the Dark Shadow Race would ally with the force behind Qin Lie after they left Boluo Realm and returned to Spirit Realm.

—Their ally would not be his kin, the Yuan Family.

That was why he ignored You Yun’s disdain and scorn towards Qin Lie.

“I see now.” When Yuan Wenzhi came to, his expression looked a little ugly. “It would seem that we were being manipulated like pawns.”

“Lord Barett is truly impressive.” Lin Jie sighed in admiration.

She had heard since a very long time ago from her Lunar Temple seniors that this old demon dragon of Boluo Realm wasn’t stupid at all. In fact, he was incredibly smart.

Before today, she didn’t quite believe her seniors’ words. She thought that her seniors had exaggerated Barett’s abilities so that she would be on her guard.

It was only today that she realized her seniors hadn’t exaggerated Barett’s intelligence at all. In fact, they might have underestimated him a little.

“We…” Eddie looked very pained. A deep sigh later, he said, “Lord Barett, most of what you said is definitely true. However, we really weren’t lying to you when we say that we wish to form an alliance with you. We really did plan to form this alliance in good faith.”

“I hate it when people lie to me!” Barett snorted coldly and raised his head, saying, “I promised that kid that I won’t hold you back from leaving and that I will grant you freedom. But that is all!”

After he was done, he slowly walked towards outside while saying, “We’ve killed many Sun Palace martial practitioners for you during this trip and saved you from your predicament. This is payment for the news the kid brought to me before! From today onwards, your lives, whether you can stop Sun Palace and Lunar Temple, or escape Boluo Realm has nothing to do with me any longer!”

“Take care.” Yuan Wenzhi cast a cold glance at Eddie. He too left with a gloomy expression on his face.

Just like Barett, he assumed that the Dark Shadow Race was using them and that they never intended to form an alliance with them at all.

When Barett and Yuan Wenzhi left, many more demon dragons and Yuan Family clansmen followed behind them in anger.

Yuan Shan and Yuan Chuan also let out a snort. When they looked at Qin Lie, their eyes were filled with anger.

Qin Lie looked very embarrassed.

“Without the Demon Dragon Race or the Yuan Family to protect your people, Sun Palace will eliminate you the next time they come over.” The corner of You Yun’s lips curled upwards as joy suddenly visited her. “Oh right, I nearly forgot that the strong sunlight in this place is even less friendly to you than it is to us. It’s going to be daytime any moment now, so that means there’s no way you can leave during this time.”

“Sun Palace may very well regroup and send more people before nighttime.” Lin Jie took joy in their plight.

“Surrender this Yao Tian to us, and I can promise you that Lunar Temple won’t hit you when you’re down or interfere in this battle,” You Yun said confidently with the look of a victor. “Otherwise, Sun Palace may not be your only enemy after this. We, Lunar Temple, may raise our hands against you as well!”

“We won’t turn him in!” Eddie yelled.

Even at the face of extinction, Eddie knew that the only people who truly did everything in their power to aid the Dark Shadow Race were Qin Shan and Qin Lie.

He would never allow You Yun to take Qin Lie away.

“Alright. Then we will have a chat with Sun Palace later. Once Sun Palace have eliminated you all, they’ll probably leave behind one survivor for us.” You Yun smiled as she looked at Qin Lie.

Qin Lie’s face looked very green.

“Let’s go.” You Yun waved her hands easily.

They got onto their crescent-shaped flying spirit artifact and left giving off boundless arrogance.

Right now, every Dark Shadow Race elder was frowning deeply. Their expressions were so serious it was scary.

“Let us return to the caves first.” Eddie let out a sigh.

These old men went back into the stone caves and gathered together before the sun rose.

Qin Lie was among them.

What do we do?

This was a sentence that lingered in everyone’s heart.

The Yuan Family and Demon Dragon Race had decided to ignore them. Sun Palace and Lunar Temple had come to a tacit agreement where one of them planned to exterminate their entire clan, while the other planned to capture Qin Lie alive. There was no longer any conflict between these two forces in this regard.

Out of all the six human forces that were present in Boluo Realm, Sun Palace and Lunar Temple were the strongest of them all. How could they possibly stop the two forces who had joined hands without having regained their full strength?

Should they run?

It was daytime now. With the three suns blazing down on Boluo Realm, they would rapidly lose the nether demonic energy they spent so much time to recover as soon as they walked out of the caves.

Moreover, the secret realm entrance was not only very far away from where they were right now, but also surrounded by the Ancient Beast Race that hated them.

It would seem that the only paths before them were dead ends and dead ends.

There literally was no hope in sight.

Inside the wide cave, everyone kept quiet and said nothing.

It was because no one had an idea that could save the Dark Shadow Race from destruction.

Qin Lie was the same.

The situation right now wasn’t something a mere Fulfillment Realm martial practitioner like him could overturn at all. In fact, even if that Void Realm Dark Shadow Race elder were to wake up, he might not necessarily be able to overturn this situation.

After all, awakening didn’t mean that he could regain his peak strength.

“Let us awaken the clan elder first. He may not be able to change anything, but he should at least know the predicament we’re in. We cannot let him die unknowingly in his sleep.”

A long time later, Eddie sucked in a deep breath and abruptly stood up.

Yuria and another Dark Shadow Race senior also stood up in silence. It was obvious that they agreed with Eddie’s suggestion.

“Will it not burden you all too much… if you awaken him now?” another senior asked worriedly.

Originally, they were going to recover for a few more days to ensure that the awakening process goes without a hitch.

“We don’t have time. Even if it is pushing it, we have no choice but to try!” Eddie walked resolutely into the deeper parts of the cave.

Yuria and another senior also wore similar looks of determination as they silently followed him.

Qin Lie felt very stifled as he looked at their backs and the pained and helpless looks on the rest of the elders’ faces.

“What else can I do for you?” he asked solemnly.

“You and your grandfather have done enough already.” A old Dark Shadow man gave him a distressed smile before saying, “Qin Lie, we can’t get used to the three suns, but you can! I’m sorry to say this, but this Dark Shadow Race branch may fail to live up to the Venerable One’s love. We really don’t see any hope for us to return to Spirit Realm. But you… you still have a chance to live. You can’t die with us. So before Sun Palace and Lunar Temple’s men show up, leave now and find a chance to return to the secret realm entrance!”

“Yes!” Another old Dark Shadow man also came back to himself and said, “You said that the void worms gathered around the secret realm entrance will take a year of Spirit Realm time to recover, right? This means that it will recover in just twelve days of Boluo Realm! You’ve probably stayed here for a lot more than just twelve days already, so if you rush back to the secret realm entrance now you should be able to return to Spirit Realm right away!”

“That’s right! We may not be able to leave, but all is not lost for you just yet! You must go now!”

“Believe me, if you were captured by that You Yun woman, your fate won’t be much better than death!”

“Forget us and leave, leave quickly! Qin Lie, you are our hope! We wish for you to live!”

Seeing that there was no longer any chance for them to survive, the Dark Shadow Race elders all acted to persuade Qin Lie in hopes that he could leave quietly while he still had the chance to do so.