Chapter 1872 – The End  

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In a broken galaxy, amidst burning wreckage, a strong wind howled. It brought with it the cries of the unhappy dead.

A giant carrying a Sunmoon on his shoulders could be seen. A thick eggshell-like glow could be seen around the Sunmoon.

It was silent as it walked mechanically through the wreckage. Giant fragments burnt violently and turned to dust on the surface of its body, but its movements did not slow or stop because of this.

All of a sudden, a sharp piercing cry could be heard behind it. The silent and lonely giant slowly lifted its head.

Maybe because it had maintained the same posture for a long time, as it lifted its head, a grinding sound could be heard from its shoulders and neck.


Its eyes were a dark red color, looking lonely and cold, devoid of any emotion.

Boom boom boom –

Deep in the battlefield ruins, there was a loud sound and everything in front of it disintegrated into pieces.

Several horrifying figures appeared that looked extremely strong and sturdy. Though their stature was slightly small, the power they held was immense. As they flew through the sky, they looked like menacing sharks.

The source of the loud noise was where they appeared from and swept across the battlefield at an astonishing speed. Their goal was the silent giant, or rather, the Sunmoon on its shoulders.

Roar –


The giant roared and punched out. It contained endless power.

Boom –

The entire battlefield was like a huge drum that was pounded by this fist. The surface of the drum shook, sending out harsh vibrations that spread in all directions.

The horrifying figures that were flying towards the giant exploded like fireworks and their bodies burnt as they fell to the ground, becoming just another group of corpses on the ground.

That one attack stretched through the battlefield in a circle with the giant as the center. It spread out at an incredible speed.

The space was cleared out in a flash!

With another screeching sound, the giant lowered its head and continued to walk forwards. The Sunmoon on its shoulders looked slightly more dim than before.

There was no joy or celebration, as if it had done what it just did multiple times before and was now numb.

The lonely giant walked towards the end of the battlefield. But which battlefield truly had an end? It spread through the vast universe and involved the rise and fall of many clans. Only when it was thoroughly destroyed could there be an end.

Who would emerge victorious?

The giant did not know and was not curious. It had only one mission. That was to protect the Sunmoon on its shoulders and wait for the reincarnation to complete.

According to rumors, two impressive beings had already been born that could change the fate of the universe. It was their existence that allowed life to exist on this huge battlefield until today.

The third impressive being…was the crucial one of this battlefield. It was just that no one knew which world he would be born in.

The giant moved on silently, its majestic and huge body slowly disappeared towards the end of the battlefield.

It carried the Sunmoon on its shoulders. But today, it did not realize that a black dot had appeared on the Sunmoon.

It was very very small, and compared to the giant’s body, it was like a grain of sand in a long river and wasn’t worth mentioning.

Now, that black dot opened its eyes and saw the devastation on the battlefield and heard the noise from behind.

The people chasing had come once again.

There were more than last time, and they were so dense that they seemed to cover the giant’s entire vision. It was as if they had sensed something and were acting even more crazily and violently than before. Their shrieks filled the air.

The giant punched. Its powers were still incredibly horrifying, but after this wave, when the beings had burned, even more of them appeared and continued the chase.

It was endless.

One punch.

Two punches.

Three punches!

The redness in the giant’s eyes grew bleaker and bleaker.

It was depleting its energy.

“Above the Source of Reincarnation, is it just an endless battlefield?” Qin Yu said slowly as he reached out.

A light shone in the giant’s eyes and the scars over its damaged body lit up.

Boom boom boom –

More started to chase.

Another giant dark figure appeared far away on the battlefield.

“You are finally here!” A calm voice could be heard from far away, filling the space like a rainbow.

The figure was like a majestic and endless mountain peak. With every step, it joined with the universe.

Boom boom boom –

There was a loud sound as a bright figure flashed past and pierced into the dark figure on the battlefield. It caused numerous explosions and endless destruction.

A sinister giant ship tore through the air and appeared.

A tall figure stood on the ship, holding a long bow. Endless violent and murderous intent surrounded him.

“My name is Massacre!”